For All Morgan Enthusiasts

● Our centre is one of thirty-three in the UK that give enthusiastic Morgan owners a local focus for their shared pride in ownership of their treasured Morgan cars, alongside opportunities for social activities.

● Our centre is affiliated to the Morgan Sports Car Club and covers primarily Norfolk and Suffolk – hence the Folk in our name.

● We currently have a membership list of c. 120 entries, a mix of couples and individuals; a typical meeting will see a turnout of between 25 to 50 people.

● Our centre welcomes members of MSCC from anywhere across the country and internationally

● If you are new to Morgans and/or the area and want to sign up for membership, we have a GDPR form (yes the dreaded GDPR compliance rears its head). Contact the Centre Secretary to get one and then you will be on the mailing for events etc.

● The primary mode of communication for the centre is our MeWe site which allows for event management and chat – it is live all the time. As soon as you are a member you will be invited to join it

● If you are just a Morgan enthusiast, you may enjoy the pictures!

Our History

The Morgan Sports Car Club was formed in 1951 as the ‘4/4 Club’. The focus was on racing, rallying and treasure hunts. The social side did not start to develop properly until the 1960’s. The London Centre was formed around 1965, followed by the Northern Centre in 1968. The East Anglian Centre (now AngleMog) appeared on the scene in about 1969, being listed as a centre in ‘Miscellany’ in 1970. It was in 1970 that members voted for the club name to change to the ‘Morgan Sports Car Club’.


Contact Folkmog

FolkMog is a group of friends living in Norfolk or Suffolk, all of whom are members of the Morgan Sports Car Club. We enjoy coming together for meetings in our Morgans.

Any MSCC member can join the group and there is a small joining subscription to cover the cost of getting our special name badge made and posted. You simply need to register with the Centre Secretary, so we know who you are and you can receive centre emails and event updates. Each event has an organiser whose contact details are published in Miscellany on a monthly basis, and by our MeWe site and email update. There is a committee that includes an events coordinator, news editor, webmaster and a finance officer.